Got junk? Garage Sale Fundraiser…

Nicole and I will be having a garage sale on April 8th and 9th to raise money for our trip to Africa. As you know, garage sales are not possible without two things:

1) A garage/yard (thank you Brandon and Christine Ream for the use of your garage)

2) Stuff to sell (the more, the better!)

SO – do you have any junk lying around that you have been meaning to get rid of or donate? Don’t you wish there was some service that would come take these items off your hands?

Today is your lucky day! If you have some items that you would like to donate for our garage sale, we would be more than happy to come pick it up and take it off your hands! If you do, please feel free to email me at or call me at 480-229-8164.

Growing up I felt I had to earn God’s love. No matter how hard I tried though, I always had “junk”, and I felt that kept me from truly knowing Him and His love. Years later I now realize that no matter what I do, there is nothing that I could ever do to earn God’s love. It has already been given to me. And no matter how much junk I still continue to have, nothing can seperate me from His love.

Jesus did something so miraculous on the cross, there is nothing I could ever do to add to or take away from it. And it blows me away knowing that God continues to love me despite the junk I have in my life. This is such good news!! And now I continue unpacking boxes, getting rid of my junk. But now it’s not in an effort to earn his favor, it’s out of love and obedience for HIM. And I truly believe that the more I glorify God, the more I am truly living out my purpose and living life to the full.

So please, whether it be in a physical/literal sense, or a spritual/metaphorical sense – get rid of your junk 🙂

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