Quick Fundraising Update

Our garage sale was a huge sucess a week and a half ago. On Friday alone we raised $1,155.57! We ended up getting rained out on Saturday, but it’s amazing how God provided that huge amount in just one day.

I would love to tell you that the garage sale was a huge success due to our superior marketing and negotiating skills. Truth is, I am horrible at both. This just goes to show that God was the one running the show and deserves the credit. THANK YOU for all who contributed stuff, helped out, and came by! We could not have done it without you.

Nicole and I are now fully funded to go on this trip!!! HOWEVER, there are still several team members that are supposed to be going on this trip with us that are coming up short and the majority of the money is due this Monday, April 25th. In my eyes it won’t be the same if our entire team cannot make the trip with us. So if you would still like to give towards the trip, please visit this link:


You will need to go through the steps or registering a login if you haven’t done so. You can just make the contribution to Nicole or I, and it will be directed towards the other team members in need. 

We are completedly humbled and grateful for all of you who have allowed God to use you to bless us on this journey. I hope and pray that you are blessed by your giving as well. Thank you!

We will keep more updates coming in the near future.

Mike and Nicole Zins

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