Everyday I’m Raffling…

We are 42% of the way to our fundraising goal that we need to meet by Christmas (ideally – so we can leave for Thailand in January).

Depending on if you are a glass half empty person, or glass half full person, this could be good or bad. However, we are just so encouraged that there is something IN the glass, so if we haven’t said it enough already, THANK YOU all so much for your support. We have been overwhelmed with encouragement. We know that God is faithful. If we are supposed to go to Thailand (which we are confident we are) He will provide. It may not necessarily be in the way or the timing that we expect, but we will just continue to move forward and trust in HIM.

We are coming up with some other fundraisers that could help us meet our goal, but that also gives a little benefit to YOU. Here’s what’s coming:

We are going to be doing a raffle. Right now we have been accumulating different prizes, gift cards, and other items to raffle off. Once all these items are together (hopefully in the next week or so) we will start selling raffle tickets at $5 per ticket.

Then on December 8th, we’re going to have an open house party. At the open house, we will have time to hang out, do the raffle drawing, and maybe have some other activities as well (with most likely some football in the background). You don’t have to be present to win, but we would love it if you could come hang out!

That being said, there are still a few items we are hoping to obtain to make our raffle complete:

Zoolights tickets (2-4 tickets)

Manicure and/or pedicure gift card

Caketini or Sprinkles gift card

Golf certificate

iTunes gift card

Any type of Sports Authority/Just Sports gift card or sports item (we have an autographed Cardinals Football that the AZ Cardinals donated, but are just looking for some items to make the basket complete).

Any professional service that you may be able to provide (i.e. photographer, handy man, hair stylist, massage therapist, etc)

OR any other new basket or items that you could think of that you would like to provide.

If you would like to contribute, you can email Nicole at zins.nicole@gmail.com

If not, stay tuned for pictures and details on the baskets (they won’t be all girly baskets guys, I promise. We got some stuff for you too).

If you want to be kept in the loop on our ministry in Thailand and progress, make sure you subscribe to receive our email updates here.

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One Response to Everyday I’m Raffling…

  1. Bryce Goade says:

    I’ll be able to do some photography for one of the baskets!

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