Throw your hands in the air, we are halfway there

Throw your hands in the air, we are halfway there. Time has been flying by, but we wanted to give you a little update on what we have been doing in Cape Town!

We have been staying extremely busy. Most of our time here is spent  focused on the training aspect. What that entails is having lectures almost every day of the week that range from justice and cross cultural training, to community transformation and crisis management.

When we haven’t been in lectures, we have had some research projects and things we have been working on to help us be more prepared for Thailand. Not always the most thrilling of things (I get extremely antsy if I go for so long without being out and about and have interaction with a lot of people) – but it is definitely needed. We are just trying to remain open to what is being poured into us here, and also continuing to be open to what God may be revealing to us and how we can grow and prepare for the next phase.

In between all the classroom/book work type stuff, we have gotten the opportunity to do some outreach in the community, and have some fun!

These pictures are from a seminar that we were able to do at a local church in one of the nearby townships this last week. We got to see some members of Justice Acts do this presentation when we first got here, then we were trained and given the opportunity to do it ourselves. The purpose of the seminar was to give information, and some practical tools to help empower the church to be able to do justice in their community. We met some great people, and had a lot of fun doing it in the process.

The rest of the time that we are here we will continue doing a prostitution outreach that we have been able to participate in once a week. Then from the 26th-30th we will be teaming up with a few other local missionaries to do a “Creativity and Justice” camp for some of the kids in a nearby township. The purpose of this will be to help use different art activities to help the kids share their perspective on different things and open up the door to get a dialogue going. We are definitely learning a lot, but these outreach opportunities are definitely my favorite 🙂

We also had to get a little beach time in on our day off. It was a sacrifice being able to chill at the beach for a little bit…. but one that we were willing to take.

As we enter the second half of our internship, we are really excited to continue to press in, learn, and try to apply everything we are learning in order to be as effective as possible in Thailand.

Sometimes coming up with the perfect strategies or game plan can be overwhelming. When that’s the case, we just remind ourselves of what our main purpose is; we are called to love, follow, and obey Jesus and invite others to do the same alongside of us. When people fall in love with Jesus, it’s miraculously transforming. We are proof of that!

If you want a more in depth look at our adventures for when we get to Thailand, make sure you subscribe to our email list by going here!

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