What we are doing in Thailand

First off, thank you SO much for checking this out. We are so blessed by you taking interest in what God has laid on our hearts.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see liberation in Thailand; in both a physical and spiritual sense. There are millions of women, men, and children in Thailand that are being exploited in a variety of ways due to their impoverished and vulnerable state. Our goal is to give these people income opportunities either by partnering with organizations that can fairly employ these Thai families, or coming alongside the people and helping them develop their resources and talents to provide income for their families.

We don’t seek to merely provide relief to the symptoms of what is happening in Thailand. We want to help be a solution to the source of the problem. We believe that the only way true transformation will happen in Thailand is a radical change in their core beliefs and worldview. The population of Thailand is over 94% Buddhist. If they are able to recognize a Creator God, who loves them, has given them an identity and a purpose, and has created ALL mankind in His image, this will radically change the way that they treat themselves, and others.


We are needing to raise $3,600 for monthly support. This monthly amount covers living expenses for both Nicole and I, along with ministry costs, and also helps us save some money for flights home once a year.

The start up costs that we need to raise is approximately $24,000. $4,500 of this amount goes towards our flights, room, board, and other material costs for our 6 week training in South Africa with Justice Acts that we leave for on October 23rd. The remainder of the start up costs will be for move in costs, flights to Thailand, language school fees, transportation (beater car, and possibly a motorcycle to get around), etc.

We would be so blessed and grateful if you partnered with us in this ministry. You can email us and we will send you a link on how you can partner with us via a tax deductible donation at zins.mike@gmail.com

We would ask that you would pray and consider supporting us on a monthly basis. $20, $50, $100, $200 etc. per month. Every bit helps! If you are donating monthly, we would ask that you start the monthly donations right now if possible. That way some of the money we receive now can go towards our start up costs.

Due to security purposes, we can’t put some links and information of things we will be doing online. However, if you are interested in finding out more, please email us OR you can sign up to receive our email updates by going here.

Please let us know if you have any questions at all. Again, thanks so much for taking an interest on what God has laid on our heart. If it wasn’t for people partnering with us in this ministry, it wouldn’t be possible. This is your ministry just as much as it is ours. So thank you!

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