One word

Last year my wife and I were in a time of transition – not physically, but spiritually and emotionally. We felt God was moving in us, but we weren’t sure exactly what the end result was going to be.

At the beginning of 2012, we decided to pick a word or theme for 2012. Something that we could focus on, and that we would try to put into practice (I didn’t know until this year, but there are a bunch of people doing this at

The word that we picked was “submit”. We wanted to lay down our own thoughts, plans, desires, and submit to do whatever God laid on our hearts (caution: if you pick this word, please know what you are getting into. He might ask you to do something you may not like). However, I know that His plan is ALWAYS better than ours – even if it doesn’t always seem that way.

We decided to do the same thing this year. The word that we felt God was laying on our hearts was patience. As we move to another country, the need to be patient with each other, with other organizations, with people in a completely different culture and mindset than us, patience with ministry, patience with God – operating in His time, not ours.

I’m scared for this one – because I’m not a super patient person. I like to see results. And I feel like if there are opportunities to practice patience, it usually means things aren’t going my way, or as quick as I would like. But this year we are committing to focus on being patient – not to focus on our time line, or things that we want. We want to continue to be obedient and faithful and be patient that God will work through things (even if we don’t necessarily see the impact right away).

I kind of want 2013 to fly by for a couple different reasons, but I’m going to do my best to be patient 🙂

What about you – what word would you pick to focus on in 2013?

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